Shropshire Wildlife Trust

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At CJ Wildlife we are always looking to help and support local charities, particularly those associated with wildlife. So we are pleased to say that CJ Wildlife is now a corporate member of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Craig Baker, MCIPD at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust says: "Shropshire Wildlife Trust cares for 40 nature reserves, including woods, meadows and wetland bird havens and encourages people to enjoy nature with walks, talks and events in towns and countryside across the county. With local branches around the county, the Trust involves volunteers in all aspects of its work and campaigns for positive development that respects our natural environment. For example, this is achieved through encouraging thousands of school children to be in touch with nature through for instance school grounds projects, John Muir Awards and trips to nature reserves and working through corporate and business partnerships to improve wildlife provision on site and encouraging improved health and wellbeing of employees through nature-based activities.

"Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s vision for Shropshire in fifty years is to see a county rich in wildlife, deeply valued by all who live here; wildlife valued not only for itself but for the contribution it makes to society and the economy. We see a natural environment that is safeguarded yet dynamic, a resilient place where we can all enjoy a sustainable future, recognising that the economy depends on the environment."

To find out more about how Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s vision to meet the needs of wildlife and people in the future please click here