Smart Feeder for Fledglings - Silver

Smart Feeder for Fledglings - Silver
SKU 30024
  • Intelligent feeding system to allow smaller birds and fledglings to have exclusive access
  • High capacity feeder - can hold over 1kg of bird seed.
  • This new product has been incredibly popular since it was released!

This is the perfect feeder for fledgling season (May to July) thanks to its intelligent technology,

Birds below 70g will be able to enjoy an optimised feeding experience, whilst the perch mean than birds exceeding 70g will triggers the port to be covered, preventing access to food. This keeps fledglings safe and happy, whilst also making the feeder squirrel resistant; a lovely bonus!

Provides protection from: Adult doves, magpies crows, jays, woodpigeons, jackdaws and squirrels

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