SmartGarden Potgrond Compost (20 Litre)

SmartGarden Potgrond Compost (20 Litre)

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With SmartGarden Potgrond Compact Compost you will no longer need to tote heavy bags of potting soil! Potgrond Compact is pre-fertilized compressed potting soil based on coir pith in handy, re-sealable, compact block bags.

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You buy a bag of Potgrond Compact as a small package of 18cm x 19cm x 7.5 cm that is a mere 20% of the weight of a traditional bag of composting soil. After the addition of water in the specially designed resealable bag, the contents will expand - without spillage - to 20 litres of ready-to-use potting soil.

Potgrond Compact contains supplementary feeding for four months to give your plants and flowers the best start possible. The potting soil holds water well and distributes it throughout the whole sod, while excess water drains away effortlessly. Unlike some composts, even if the soil dries out it will rehydrate well when water is reintroduced. After use, you can reclose the bag using the zipper to preserve the unused potting soil for future use.

Width 19cm
Height 7.5cm
Length 18cm

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