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Snake's Head Fritillary (25 Bulbs)

SKU: 80283
Snake's Head Fritillary (25 Bulbs)
SKU: 80283
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Once widespread in England, there are now only a few dozen sites where this striking native woodland wildlflower can be found. The bell-shaped flowers will appear in the spring and will vary in colour from pinks to dark maroons with a distinctive chequered pattern on the petals. Grows well in grass or fertile damp soil. Plan in clusters 10cm apart and 10cm deep.

There’s no better way to fill your garden with colour in early spring than planting a selection of vibrant bulbs. Many of our bulbs bloom from February onwards and are an important source of food for early insects and bees. Bulbs are best planted in autumn from September through to December. For a natural look scatter and plant your bulbs randomly in grassy areas of your garden or for a more formal dramatic display plant them in clusters in flower beds.

Bulbs are supplied in a pack of 30.


Scientific Name
Fritillaria Meleagris
Plant Colour
Growing Conditions
Full Shade, Partial Shade, Sunlight
Grows to
Flowering Months
Mar., Apr., May
Pack Size
Snake's Head Fritillary (25 Bulbs)