St. Moritz Peanut Cake Tube Feeder

SKU: 35115
St. Moritz Peanut Cake Tube Feeder
SKU: 35115
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The St. Moritz Peanut Cake Tube Feeder is a fun and trendy design suitable for our 1 litre or 500ml Peanut Cake Tubes. 

Birds love our energy-rich Peanut Cakes, and this feeder offers protection from rain and sun as well as being an attractive addition to your garden. Peanut Cakes simply hang from the hook on the underside of the roof, which can be removed by undoing two simple “L-hooks” if desired. This also makes it a quick and easy product to clean.

The Feeder is made of wood with open sides and a heart-shaped front, allowing easy access for the birds and providing good views so that the birds can look out for danger. The colour and design design fits well with our Trendy Nest Box range, allowing you to equip your garden in the same style. All of these products make great gifts, for you or someone else!

500ml or 1 Litre Peanut Cake Tubes
FSC® Certified Wood