Starling Webcam

Starlings are smaller than blackbirds, and have a short tail, pointed head and triangular wings. They have a beautiful colouring, which looks black from a distance, however close up they are very glossy and have a purple and green sheen.

Breeding will take place during the Spring and Summer months, and the Female will lay eggs on a daily basis over a period of several days. If an egg is lost, it is likely that she will lay another to replace it. Starlings usually lay four to five eggs. The eggs will be incubated for around thirteen days, the last egg laid may take 24 hours longer than the first to hatch.

The chicks will remain in the nest for around three weeks and will continuously fed by both parents. Once they leave the nest, they will continue to be fed by their parents for another two weeks.

Starlings can raise up to three broods a year, and usually use the same nest. However, two broods is most likely.

We hope that you enjoy watching our webcams, the feeds for which were kindly provided by the Beleef de Lente Project, courtesy of Vogelbescherming Nederland and so some multilingual messages may appear on occasion.

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