The Den

The Den

A back garden, a rocky shoreline, the pond in the park – just add children and a whole world of awe and wonder opens up. A world of curiosity and excitement that doesn’t rely on timetables, computer programmes, TV screens or mobile phones.

There’s so much to be experienced in this vibrant, vital world. We can introduce our children – or grandchildren – to the breathless excitement of a fledgling’s first flight, an owl hooting in the night, their first wiggly earthworm. And watch their faces – then try answering their questions! – as they discover the tiny, heaving eco-system under a stone, a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis or a tadpole with legs!

With them we can re-discover our own childhood too. The hands-on reality of the natural world seen through the eyes of a child can be a refreshing antidote to everyday deadlines and routines and can help us remember what it is to be amazed.

It's so important that we teach our children to enjoy the natural world while they are young. The enthusiasm and respect they develop for nature and wildlife by our side will connect them with a world of endless fascination and enrich their lives forever.

Live Nature Watch

Introduce your children to our live wildlife nesting webcams

Screen time can be fun and educational when it’s a window into nature. Our nesting webcams are streamed live 24/7 during the breeding season to bring you an exciting insight into the lives of our wildlife and their feeding and nesting routines. From owls to peregrines, great tits to goshawks, there is sure to be a viewing experience that the whole family can enjoy together.