A group of children play with animal puppets

The Den - Activities

CJ Wildlife has teamed up with its conservation charity partners to bring you an assortment of wildlife activities to keep little fingers (and brains) occupied. There are colouring sheets, information & factsheets and activities & crafts to make and do. The list will continue to increase in variety, so keep checking back for more. Feel free to download these as a way of encouraging your child’s interest in nature and wildlife and maybe even use them as a theme for a birthday party!

Some will require adult supervision, so please do check first before allowing your child to use them.

We are proud to be working with so many charity partners that span the spectrum from birds to bugs and all in between; to support them in their conservation and awareness projects. Our joint efforts in developing food, habitats and engagement activities help protect the wildlife throughout the country for future generations. For more information on our partners and the projects we support, visit our Projects & Partners page.