Family Time
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The Den - Family Time

You don't need a large garden or fancy holiday to enjoy nature. A compact courtyard to the widest countryside meadow can be a haven for wildlife, from the smallest bug to a graceful bird of prey. So, whether you are at home, in the garden or out and about, we have lots of ideas for you to spend family time together, learning about and caring for wildlife. Also useful for keeping the little ones occupied during the school holidays!

At Home
  • Watching wildlife together with CJ Wildlife webcams

    We have teamed up with WildifeKate to bring you an exciting insight into the lives of our wildlife. Our webcams have been attracting different species of birds and mammals to the custom built quirky feeding stations created for them, bringing a joyful viewing experience in your own home.

    Delicious treats are put out to attract even the most timid wildlife and they visit regularly to fill up or have an endearing clean. All the food and feeders have been supplied by CJ Wildlife and you can find them all here.

    The webcams are live 24/7 so you can watch anytime or whenever you need a quiet moment. They are captivating, so make sure you tune in to our webcams to see who is on the box!

  • Homemade DIY Birdcake recipes

    Treat your garden birds to a home-made bird cake. Use CJ Wildlife Peanut Cake Tubes or Squares as a base and get creative or make your own from scratch. Parental supervision is needed.

    Download the Recipe and Instructions from here or get the pdf version here.

In The Garden
  • Go on a minibeast treasure hunt

    Get your little explorers outside for an extra special treasure hunt! There is a wealth of life hidden in the soil, under leaves, cracks in the wall and under plant pots for them to discover.

    Use a magnifying glass or bug viewer to help examine and identify what you find. See if you can tick off all the minibeasts from an identification chart. Make sure you return the critters back where you found them, so they can return to their habitat.

  • Build a home for garden friends

    Encourage more wildlife into your garden by building them a shelter. Insect boxes, bat boxes or bird nest boxes are a great way for children to learn about the different species that will use them. There are lots of great designs in our build your own range. Make or use an identification chart to record what they see living in them. Birds may require different sizes holes to enter their nest box so check out our guide to siting nest boxes in the knowledge hub.

    Bat boxes should be sited high up with a clear flight path into it, away from lights, for the best results.

    We also have a matching range of build your own feeders!

Out & About
  • Visit the Duck pond - but use bread just for your sandwiches!

    Feeding the ducks on the local pond is a great way to introduce children to nature. Providing our local wildlife with high quality, energy and protein rich foods also helps keep our waterways and waterfowl in the best condition all year round.

    Bread doesn’t have to nutrients our water birds need to stay fit and healthy. It just fills their stomachs, so they don’t want to forage and has a negative impact on the water quality in our ponds and lakes. Shredded greens, vegetable peelings, specially developed duck food, mealworms, oats, defrosted peas & corn and wild bird seed are healthy alternatives to bread.

    See more information on our new Breaducation website

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The Den - Family Time