The Greater World of Little Things

The Greater World of Little Things

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Look and look again! This is the advice from the author to us as we attempt to understand the complexities of the natural world, with wildlife unfolding unceasingly through the seasons, and with us - of course - an integral part of it. This is a book that seeks to encourage a different view of the supposedly "normal" view of nature. When we consider nature we tend to concentrate on the familiar and the well-known, whilst meanwhile, hosts of smaller creatures buzz, run, crawl, and glide past us, largely unaware of us as we are of them. Discovering them and their interactions with each other and their environment is intriguing as it is overwhelming, and enlightens us by revealing our place in, and connection with, the natural world.

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ISBN 9781908241382
Format Paperback
Language English
Author Ross Gardner
Page Count 186
Published 2016

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