White Tailed Eagle & Goshawk Webcam

The White Tailed Eagle, also known as the Sea Eagle, became extinct in Britain in the early 1900s and despite huge efforts to reintroduce the bird, numbers in Scotland are still extremely low. This huge bird has a wing span of up to 245cm, over 8 feet wide!

These birds prefer to nest in trees rather than cliffs and have a slow reproductive rate. They tend to breed around 5-6 years of age and spend the winter focusing on courtship and nest building with eggs being laid in March. 1-2 eggs are laid and incubated for around 38 days. The young remain in the nest for 10-13 weeks after hatching so we are looking forward to keeping a close eye on this family over the coming months.

Their diet consists mainly of fish, ducks and sea birds. They will hunt themselves and also feed on washed up fish or steal from other birds or otters.

This nest, located in Holland, has been built by the male under the watchful eye of the female and is located in a tree which is almost a third dead - far from ideal, but it hasn't stopped the male frantically tending to his nest building duties during the early hours of daylight.

We hope that you enjoy watching our webcams, the feeds for which were kindly provided by the Beleef de Lente Project, courtesy of Vogelbescherming Nederland and so some multilingual messages may appear on occasion.

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