Wild Child Corner at Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Last year a portion of the kind donations that we had received from CJ Wildlife customers for The Wildlife Trust supported the creation of a Wild Child Corner at Shropshire Wildlife Trust centre at Abbey Foregate in Shrewsbury

We are always happy to support projects like this so that customers can see what their highly valued donations go towards giving something back to people that enjoy wildlife as much as we do. The centre is situated in the heart of Shrewsbury town so it was an ideal place to set up a corner to attract more children and encourage them to learn about wildlife in a fun and interactive way. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to help Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Lizzie Stuart, Membership & Interpretation Officer at Shropshire Wildlife Trust said: "The Wild Child Corner has helped us to teach a lot of children that come to our centre about wildlife. It has also helped us to build a relationship with families that come back and use the Wild Child Corner and we have then been able to recruit many families as members which are increasing support for our conservation work. The Wild Child Corner has also encouraged more children to visit the centre to participate in our activities."

Take a look below at some of the activities they put on for the children.

Wild Child CornerWild Child CornerWild Child Corner