CJ Wildlife Working in Partnership with Wildlife Kate

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For several years, we have worked in partnership with Wildlife Kate to provide our customers with a unique view into the wildlife world with our Live Webcams.

WildlifeKate is truly wild about nature, providing consultancy work with conservation charities and national nature projects, managing large plots of wilderness, writing wildlife articles and blogs and educating the young. Through her dedicated work at her Staffordshire home, here in the UK, WildlifeKate has created feeding stations and new custom-built miniature sets for birds and wildlife to be captured on camera.

The food and feeders are provided by CJ Wildlife and so there is live proof that our products are well liked and well used by all who visit her patch! On these cameras you will be able to see a selection of our products being used and a range of our food being offered, giving you the chance to really see how the CJ Wildlife range works.

We are excited to grow our working relationship in that WildlifeKate is sharing her monthly garden diary and providing expert articles for you to enjoy.

About Kate

Wildlife Kate

Kate grew up in SE London and her life-long interest in watching the birds started in her garden and whilst enjoying the Greenwich Park wildlife. Even at university, Kate had bird feeders outside her student digs, photographed wildlife in the park and watched water voles on the riverbank. Her Environmental Education degree was the chance to share her love of the natural world with young people and Kate has since been a primary school teacher.

Kate now lives in Lichfield, Staffordshire where her wonderful large plot has been dedicated to wildlife. Her first nest box camera was set up in conjunction with a consultancy project for wildlife camera systems and that was the start of WildlifeKate! Kate has spread her wings to managing other sites and has worked with some of the best-known names in nature and won awards for her photographs.

Nature Watch on Live Webcams

CJ Wildlife is lucky to share an insight into the feeding and nesting routines of birds and mammals of our gardens and countryside. From garden bird feeders to peregrine falcon nests, watering hole bathing to foxes at night our webcams are a 24/7 show for all who follow the ‘celebrity’ wildlife that frequently appear.

You can also follow us @CJWildlife on Twitter and Facebook to keep you up to date with all the latest news.