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Plywood Bat Box

SKU: 91465
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Plywood Bat Box | CJ Wildlife
SKU: 91465
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This bat house is equipped with an extended backboard with a special wire mesh, allowing the bats to climb more easily.

There are 17 species of bats regularly occurring in the UK [9 in ROI], with the number of species likely to be present in an area decreasing in the north and with height above sea level. Although bats are frequently seen in gardens, many species are in decline due in part to a loss of habitat.

You can help bats by providing additional roosting spaces in the form of bat boxes, and by providing extra food by gardening in a way which favours bats.

For best results, site your bat box:

  • In a sturdy tree or building where bats have been seen or are known to feed.
  • In a sheltered area, ideally south or southwest facing to ensure it is exposed to direct sunlight through the day.
  • Near a wet area, such as a pond or marshy environment which will attract the insects favoured by bats and also provides somewhere for them to drink.

  • It can take a while for bats to take up residence in a new bat box. As a general rule if it hasn't been used after three years, try relocating.
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    Plywood Bat Box