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Replacement Mason Bee Tubes

SKU: G-92004-92005-92067
Replacement Mason Bee Tubes | CJ Wildlife
SKU: G-92004-92005-92067
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Replacement mason bee tubes (20)
Replacement mason bee tubes (100)
Red Mason Bee Straws (100)

Mason bees are excellent pollinators of a wide variety of spring and summer blooming trees, flowers, fruit and herbs. Simply place a mason bee nest in your garden facing due south, in full sun (not dappled shade) and pointing slightly down for drainage, to attract the bees and provide them with a safe nesting habitat.

These replacement Mason Bee Tubes include the Red Mason Bee Straws with plastic cap.

Red Mason Bee straws are the inner paper insert for bee tubes. They come complete with a plastic cap on one end ready to be slotted into the nest tubes. This means you are able to clean out your Red Mason Bee tubes and replace the paper inserts each season without having to replace the complete tube.

These tubes can be inserted into the CJ Wildlife Red Mason Bee Nest Box (capacity 29) to replace old or tired tubes.

The dimensions of the replacement Mason Bee Tubes are 150mm long and have an inner tube diameter of 7-8mm.

Replacement Mason Bee Tubes

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