Wooden Nest Boxes

Our wooden nest boxes are some of the highest quality on the market. We apply an extra coat of paint to each of the nest box roofs in order to provide extra durability, ensuring the nest box will last longer than others. Our range is made from high quality wood to ensure they do not split, and have been fitted with sturdy hangers for secure hanging. Most of our nest boxes can be opened for easy cleaning at the end of each nesting season.
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  1. Plywood House Sparrow Terrace
  2. Saba 32mm Nest Box
  3. Aruba 28mm Nest Box
  4. Blackbird Open Nest Box
  5. Malta 34mm Nest Box
  6. Jamaica 28mm Nest Box
  7. Bonaire 28mm Nest Box
  8. Bouillon 28mm Nest Box
    £15.19 £18.99
  9. malmedy nest box
  10. Build Your Own 32mm Nest Box
    £10.39 £12.99
  11. Nils Nest Box Kit
  12. Nala Nest Box Kit
    £9.99 £12.49
  13. Nell Nest Box Building Kit
  14. Ecuador Half-Open Nest Box
    Out of stock