Working from Home with Wildlife

Connecting with Nature

Firstly it’s easy to suggest positioning your work desk next to a window and having indoor plants around the room to facilitate an oxygenated area, but the key to enjoying working from home is to make new office friends; those in your garden that you may not have noticed before. Hanging a bird or wildlife ID chart near your office window will get you into the habit of looking outside at regular intervals to see what you can spot.

Encourage the wildlife into your garden initially and then gain trust for them to come closer so that you be with them more often.  All outside spaces lend themselves to wildlife habitats, some just take more time than others to create.  If you don’t have room for blooming borders, simple pots of wildlife friendly perennials add lots of interest for your eyes but are invaluable to pollinating insects. Buddleja bushes even dwarf varieties, are magnets for butterflies and watching them dance around elegantly is very calming.

Berry yielding shrubs, especially ivy, planted here and there are not only a great source of natural foods for birds but provide safe shelter for a host of garden mammals and resident birds. Feeding stations are usually an instant hit with wildlife and feeding the birds is a quick and easy starter which can be as simple as a window feeder (to your office space) to a pole feeding station serving a variety of foods in a range of feeders.

There are multi-feeders which can mix and match foods and are especially good for small areas and hanging brackets for smaller feeders can be incorporated to balcony spaces. Remember that water is essential for all wildlife so the simplest form of water dish will be welcomed for both drinking and some bathing antics.

See our products below or read more about benefits of wildlife and working from home here

Working from Home Infographic

Download our fun and colourful working from home infographic and make some new office friends. Why not share this poster with your colleagues and home working friends and family who may appreciate a little inspiration for their office at home. Connecting with nature and wildlife can be an escapism, especially as our wildlife will continue around us as usual, so lets take the time to appreciate it.


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Home Working Positives

Although the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 will pass at some point, it is looking more and more like remote working has the potential to stay with us. This period has shown employers and employees alike that, despite many ups and downs many of us have experienced, the home office is more utilised than ever before. And we should embrace the benefits it gives us.

Take some satisfaction that you are no longer travelling to your workplace (unless you have a very large house!). Not only are you helping to make the roads quieter and safer for all with less traffic, but you are actively reducing air pollution and clearing our skies - without doing anything, just by staying in your home location. Doesn’t that feel good already?Starling

Just think of the time (not to mention the fuel costs) you are saving. Less travelling means more time at home or doing the things you love more! That 30 minute commute each way could be used for spending a little longer with family, making a healthy lunch, a relaxing coffee before you get started, a proper wind-down from a hard day, or an extra-long walk with your four legged friend.

Home working can give you back all those wasted hours, and we at CJ Wildlife have some tips on utilising your ‘home office’ to connect with nature to both benefit your wellbeing, and that of wildlife.


Bird Feeding

Bird feeding especially is like rush hour traffic – the busiest time, especially in the colder months, are generally at the start and the end of the day.  Birds need to eat as many calories as possible before evening comes to keep warm at night, then feast again at breakfast to replenish this energy. Just witnessing this activity in a morning can give you a positive start as you see Robins, sparrows, tits and finches all jostling for top spot to feast eagerly on their own breakfasts. Give a variety of foods, with high nutritional values, to attract the greatest species of birds. No mess seed mixes, sunflower hearts and peanuts are high in calories and allow birds to feed efficiently too.  Fat balls and peanut cakes are excellent energy treats and look out for foods with added mealworms, especially at breeding season, for essential protein boosts.


A working day is usually more productive when you take a break to re-energise. This probably used to be a social chat with colleagues at tea breaks, as the welcome distraction away from digital screens and endless emails. The same is needed when you work from home; it is easy to carry on and not take these breaks unless you instigate them.  The outside is a great location for your coffee and lunch breaks.  This is the time to listen to your ‘new office’ friends (as they sing and buzz around you). Take five minutes to invigorate your senses and find out who is visiting.  Is it a regular blackbird looking for worms or bees searching in your borders for nectar? Even if your outside space is limited, there will be wildlife around you, just look and listen. A conversation with nature over a cuppa brings the wider issues to life and more likely you will want to do something positive to help wildlife.

And if the weather is fine and warm enough make this your own meeting area too.  You probably moved to a meeting room at the office, then do so at home. The natural beauty of the outdoors makes a fabulous digital background to video calls and the tweeting of birds is a lovely feeling of being part of a group without worrying about what they are actually saying.

Why not use your lunch time or after work to do something to attract more wildlife? Perhaps you have room for a nest box in the garden or under the eaves of your shed roof. Create a hedgehog highway with a hidden hibernation house in a quiet corner. Once wildlife trusts your garden has a reliable source of food, they will look to find places to shelter and make nests – increasing your population of new office friends.

Wildlife Photography

As well as taking photos and videos of your new nature colleagues, a great way to get closer to them is with a wildlife camera. Not only will it be very satisfactory to watch the highlights but can be a great source of entertainment. Sharing your garden wildlife encounters with colleagues and family compels others to get involved too. You may just turn out to be the Wildlife Champion in your business that helps others feel less isolated whilst they also work from home.

Even if the day doesn’t go so well, spend some time outdoors at the end to transition out of work mode and it will set you up for a relaxing evening; refreshed and ready to take on a new day tomorrow.

Share your connections with your new home office friends with us on social media using the hashtag #homeofficefriends Lets get everyone talking about nature, working alongside nature and enjoying nature!


Working from Home Infographic

Download our fun and colourful working from home infographic and make some new office friends. Why not share this poster with your colleagues and home working friends and family who may appreciate a little inspiration for their office at home. Connecting with nature and wildlife can be an escapism, especially as our wildlife will continue around us as usual, so lets take the time to appreciate it.



Play Bird Bingo

Keep yourself entertained at home (and in your home office!) by playing along with our Bird Bingo Game. See how quickly you can strike off all the birds on our playing card.

Why not play along with friends or get your home working colleagues involved for a bit of friendly competition! Who will be the first to spot all 9 birds on our bird bingo card?

Simply download and print or grab a screenshot and see how quickly you can shout BIRD BINGO! Remember to share your results and photos with us across our social channels.

#athomewithwildlife #homeofficefriends

Bingo Card