National Trust Birch Open Nest Box

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National Trust Birch Open Nest Box
SKU NT90523
  • 9/10 Customers recommend this nest box
  • In partnership with the National Trust
  • Made from FSC® certified natural birch

Provide shelter for our garden birds to help tackle the decline of natural nesting sites.

This nest box is ideal for Robins, Wrens, Wagtails and Blackbirds.

This nest box has an open entrance to allow room for your feathered tenants, such as robins and wrens, to gain access safely. It's also made from a birch log, so it not only looks great, but also replicates natural nesting sites in the wild. 

Tip: Because the front of this nest box is more open than most, choose your placement carefully as there is a greater risk of the nest being plundered by predators such as magpies, squirrels or cats. Be sure to place your nest box at least 2 - 4 metres high and facing north to northeast, avoiding strong sunlight and windy areas. Robins are known for picking well hidden nest sites!

We recommend pairing this nest box with our nesting wool to make for an even cosier home!

New to nest boxes? Follow our handy guide on how hang your nest box.

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