Bird Foods

Our unique range of Bird Food has been created by our very own researchers and ornithologists, so you can be sure you are giving the very best Bird Food to your Garden Birds when you buy our Bird Food. Whether you are looking for Fat Balls or Seed Mixes, we firmly believe that starting with the finest quality raw materials will result in top class Bird Foods which offer your birds the best nutrition, find out more about our Bird Food.

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  1. Premium Peanut Butter for Robins
  2. Hi-Energy No Mess

    from £4.99

  3. Premium Whole Sunflower Hearts

    from £3.79

  4. Box of 50 Ultimate Eco Fat Balls
  5. Premium Whole Peanuts

    from £5.29

  6. Suet Pellets with Insects

    from £4.49

  7. Live Mealworms

    from £5.49

  8. Peanut Cake Square with Mealworms
    £2.79 As low as £1.99
  9. Dried Mealworms

    from £2.99

  10. National Trust Ultimate Fat Balls 6 Pack
    £2.49 As low as £1.99
  11. Box of 50 Eco fat balls with insects
  12. Suet Treat Snowflake
    £6.99 As low as £4.99
  13. Suet Snowman
    £4.99 As low as £3.99
  14. Suet Treat Christmas Tree
    £3.49 As low as £2.99
  15. Hi Energy Seed

    from £7.99

  16. Premium Table Bird Seed Mix

    from £7.99

  17. National Trust Ultimate Fat Balls 30 Pack
  18. Peanut Butter Coconut Bird Food
    £2.49 As low as £2.25
  19. Peanut Cake Tube with Insects (500ml)
    £3.99 As low as £2.99
  20. Suet Logs with Insects
  21. Table Seed

    from £3.49

  22. Black Sunflowers

    from £2.99

  23. Peanut Heart for Birds
    £3.99 As low as £1.99
  24. Fat Balls - with Peanuts
    £2.49 As low as £1.69
  25. Feeder Seed

    from £3.99

  26. Peanut Butter filled Pine Cone for Birds
    £3.49 As low as £2.75
  27. Hi-Energy Supreme

    from £5.99

  28. Green+ Table Seed Mix 2,5 kg
    £10.39 £12.99
  29. Suet pellets with Mealworms 1kg
  30. Peanut Cake Tube Original (1 Litre)
    £4.99 As low as £3.99
  31. Peanut Cake Square Original
    £2.49 As low as £1.79
  32. Peanut Cake Square with Insects
    £2.79 As low as £1.99
  33. Peanut Butter for Birds - with Insects
    £2.99 As low as £1.99
  34. Peanut Butter for Birds - with Mealworms
    £2.99 As low as £2.29
  35. Half filled coconut with mealworms and insects
    £1.99 As low as £1.49
  36. Deluxe Peanut Cake Pack
    £24.99 £27.38

Food for Birds

Our extensive range of wild bird food has been crafted by our very own researchers and ornithologists to ensure it is nutritious and beneficial to our birds. We have a large selection of bird food, here is a selection of our favourites!


Suet, is a fat based bird food which is often combined with other nutritious bird feed to make a tasty and filling treat for our garden birds.


Peanuts for birds

The peanuts for birds selection comes with two options, whole peanuts for birds, or kibbled for our smaller feathered friends and their young. Filled with yummy fats and oils, the easy way to give our birds exactly what they need.


Sunflower hearts

Our sunflower hearts are enriched with oil for a much needed energy-boost! with the husk and outer shell removed, these sunflower hearts make the perfect mess-free bird food!


Fat balls

Tried and tasted, our fat balls are the most popular type of bird food! Filled with high-calorie fats and added seeds or insects for a protein punch, the birds will be coming back for more of this bird food.