National Trust Blossom Watch 2022

Every spring, the National Trust shines a light on the importance of Britain's blossom trees whilst encouraging as many people as possible to get out in nature.

Whether that be on your local walking route or by visiting one of their many properties across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The National Trust's commissioned research has shown that blossom is disappearing from the UK, so this project is all about helping to bring blossom back whilst celebrating the wonderful joy of spring.

In 2021 the National Trust raised a significant amount of money to support vital conservation efforts. Blossom Watch has already involved some incredible urban projects, as the National Trust aims to inspire the creation of beautiful public spaces in lots more locations, with and for communities.

Blossom Watch 2022


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Because of your generosity, we were able to help fund ALL of this...

Enabled six sessions with local school groups to take place in the Lake District, where the children learnt about the importance of crab apples for wildlife through the year and also had a go at propagating their own trees.

Helped the team at Clumber plant 115 orchard trees, 1400 hedgerow plants, 42 parkland field trees, 1200 Wildflower plugs and 1200 Herbal plants! They also created a new edible forest of mature blossom trees ringed with blossoming hedgerows. 

The team at Arlington have used funds from us to create a new wildlife corridor. Planting blossom trees, approximately one every 50 meters, creating a Blossom Highways for Pollinators.

The team at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire have used the funds from us to restore and reactivate a community orchard, and have also planted 600 trees with the help of local volunteers. These trees will provide very important habitats for the many birds and insects that rely on the nature reserve.

At Attingham Park, the team have planted with their community groups 200 orchard trees, a mix of perry pears and cider apples, as well as almost 6000 hedging plants which will help to restore ancient hedgerows to provide corridors and shelter for wildlife.

Down in Woolacombe, the funding has helped the team to create a new blossoming woodland pasture orchard forest garden - 80 trees have been planted this winter to create this brand new orchard.

The Stourhead Ranger team have planted 400 blossom trees this winter with funds from us to create a new orchard on ex-agricultural land. 

National Trust Blossom Watch 2022

Blossoms Project National Trust

Working together for the love of nature.

We are proud to work with the National Trust to support projects like Blossom Watch, which has helped counteract the decline of blossom in recent years and the impact this has on wildlife – all of this is made possible by the support of our fantastic customers.

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As well as supporting us, you can also help by:

  • Donating to the National Trust's fundraising appeal here 
  • Joining in on social media using the hashtag - #Blossomwatch 
  • Visiting one of the many National Trust sites to see their blossom projects in action