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CJ Wildlife are pleased to have a new partnership with the Bat Conservation Trust to support its work in conservation, fund raising and raising awareness of this beautiful creature. Bats are an important part of our natural heritage and are indicators of a a green and healthy environment.

There are 18 species of bats in the UK, all of which have suffered severe declines in recent years.

The Bat Conservation Trust is the only UK organisation solely devoted to conserving bats and their habitats and their funding and expertise helps to protect the UK's diverse range of wildlife and habitats to ensure bats are around for future generations to enjoy.

The Bat Conservation Trust supports local bat groups across the UK working with volunteers, scientists, industry and government on a range of projects. Work focuses on research into bat activity and needs, protecting the landscape in which they rely on, inspiring and educating people about bats and their environment and engaging more conservation work to protect the species.

As well as numerous projects, BCT maintains the expert service on bats in the UK ensuring that policies, education and research are continued to be implemented for future conservation. They provide events, training and conferences throughout the UK for all levels of involvement, and also provide useful advice on their website.

The National Bat Helpline can help answer questions or concerns about bats with regard to planning, roosts and general bat rescue - call 0345 1300 228

The National Bat Monitoring Programme is a crucial on-going survey aimed to discover the essential factors for bat survival and observe bat numbers. BCT run NBMP courses too so get in touch if you would like to take part.

For more information about the Bat Conservation Trust, their projects and how you can get involved, visit

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The CJ Wildlife Range of Bat Boxes

Although bats can be seen around gardens, as with other mammals and birds, loss of habitat has caused a decline in some species, so you can help by providing additional roosting spaces in the form of bat boxes. We have developed a wide range of bat boxes for shelter, hibernation and maternity and even 'build-in' styles so you can discreetly include a bat box into house development. For details of the range click here.