Peanut Cake Feeders

Our popular range of Peanut Cake Tubes and Squares can be chopped up and placed on a bird table or fed from the ground. They can be rubbed into the bark of a tree to attract species such as Woodpeckers and Treecreepers. Alternatively, we have designed a range of bespoke feeders developed to help you feed these high-energy, calorie rich treats to your garden birds with a variety of attractive and cost effective feeders.
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  1. SingingFriend Anna Fat Square Feeder Pack
  2. SingingFriend Anna Window Feeder Pack
  3. Oregon Peanut Cake Feeder
  4. Joshua Peanut Butter Bar Feeder
  5. Acadia Peanut Butter Bar Feeder
  6. Acadia Duo Peanut Butter Bar Feeder
  7. Sydney Feeder - Red
    £4.99 As low as £4.49
  8. Mont Blanc Recycled Multi Feeder
  9. Peanut Cake Hanger (1 Litre)
    £3.99 As low as £3.49
  10. Peanut Cake Hanger (500ml)
    £2.99 As low as £2.75
  11. Alpine Peanut Cake Tube Feeder
  12. Metal Peanut Cake Feeder
    £9.99 As low as £8.99
  13. Monviso Recycled Peanut Cake Square Feeder
  14. Ohio Slate Peanut Cake Square Feeder
  15. Moldau Peanut Cake Square Feeder
  16. Peanut Cake Square Feeder
    £2.99 As low as £2.75
  17. Fat Ball & Suet Feeder Guardian
  18. SingingFriend Fat Square Feeder Anna - 100% Recycled
    £3.99 As low as £3.49
    Out of stock