Seed Feeders

Seeds and seed mixes are amongst the most popular foods people choose to feed the birds and there are numerous ways in which they can be fed. Some of our most popular feeders include Squirrel Buster® Feeders, Apollo Quick Clean Feeders and Metal Adventurer Feeders. Seeds and seed mixes can also be fed from bird tables, food dishes or scattered on the ground.
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  1. Conqueror 8 port Seed Feeder
    £34.99 £42.99
  2. Conqueror 12 port Seed Feeder
    £44.99 £52.99
  3. Conqueror 10 port Seed Feeder
    £39.99 £47.99
  4. Silver Defender 2 port Seed Feeder
  5. Silver Defender 4 port Seed Feeder
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