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Butterfly Conservation is the UK charity dedicated to saving butterflies, moths and our environment. Their research provides advice on how to conserve and restore habitats. They run programmes for more than 100 threatened species and are involved in conserving hundreds of sites and reserves.

See www.butterfly-conservation.org.

Much work is delivered through the charity’s regional branches and each branch holds an annual programme of events aimed at raising awareness of the region’s butterflies and moths and undertakes vital conservation work.

Butterfly Garden at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

Butterfly Garden at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

We are always keen to support worthwhile community projects. This idea particularly appealed to us as CJ WIldlife are keen advocates of wildlife gardening and have already supported Butterfly Conservation in the publication of their recent Butterflies of the West Midlands book in which we agreed to be Species Champions for both the Peacock and Red Admiral butterfly, two of our best-known garden butterflies.

Thanks to the plants and the range of new insect houses that CJ Wildlife donated the garden is positively buzzing with insects including many butterflies. The Garden includes specially selected plants to attract insects plus a nesting area for solitary bees and other bugs.

Mike Williams, Publicity & Marketing Officer at West Midlands Butterfly Conservation said: “Pollinating insects are in serious trouble in Britain which is bad news not just for wildlife but also for us as we rely on insects, including butterflies and moths, to pollinate the food that we eat. Gardens can never replace natural habitats but we can play a part in helping pollinators by growing plants which are rich in nectar and pollen. We hope that the new Pollinators Garden at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre created by volunteers from West Midlands Butterfly Conservation with the help of CJ Wildlife will inspire visitors to follow our example and introduce a similar range of plants into their own homes. Already, the new garden is positively buzzing with insects including many butterflies.”

Pershore Pollinator Garden

CJ Wildlife are working with West Midlands Butterfly Conservation on another project as part of the 'Plants for Pollinators' campaign. The Civic Center in Pershore, Worcestershire, has had a plant makeover to encourage wildlife pollinators to the area. More news to follow as the garden takes shape.