International Dawn Chorus Day 2022

International Dawn Chorus Day 2022

To many of us, the mere thought of setting an alarm before sunrise is exhausting. But sometimes, not hitting the snooze button and sacrificing the Sunday lie in can pay off.  Instead, why not get up and immerse yourself in our natural world by soaking up the sweet sound of birdsong – How Sunday's should be started!

International Dawn Chorus Day 2022

What is International Dawn Chorus Day?

International Dawn Chorus Day happens on the first Sunday of May every year, just before dawn! This is when the birds in our gardens and the great outdoors begin to sing their wonderful birdsong. Some birds sing earlier than others, but the music will be plentiful! What better way to start your Sunday? As the morning goes on, more birds awaken and contribute their sweet melodies to the crescendo of nature's greatest show.

This day celebrates the glorious gift of birdsong in our communities, and anyone can take part! If you are new to this tradition, we've got some more information on how to take part below. If this isn't your first Dawn Chorus Day, then welcome back! Sit tight and enjoy the show.

International Dawn Chorus Day 2022

How did it begin?

The event has urban roots, dating back to a small annual event in Birmingham during the 1980s. It is now a global occurrence which is enjoyed in over eighty countries all over the world – that is a lot of people listening to nature's symphony!

How do I take part?

Taking part in International Dawn Chorus Day is simple, we have three easy steps to make the most out of your experience:

  1. Catch some z’s - As the event starts at dawn, you will need to be up and out around 5/5.30am if you want the full experience, so make sure you get an early night so you are feeling refreshed and ready!
  2. Set the alarm! Depending on how much time you want to wake up, we suggest being outside and in nature from around 5.30am, just as the day is breaking to hear the early birds!
  3. Sit back, listen, and take in the beauty of nature. Whether you're at home in the garden, out and about in a community green space or just lying in bed with the windows open, listen closely to the wonderful whistles of our birds – are there any you can recognise? You can expect to hear the song thrush first, the confident and loud early bird! The blackbird won’t be too far behind, awaiting the melodies of its fellow feathered friends like the robin, blackcap and chiffchaff.  Sit back, listen and immerse yourself in nature's greates show - International Dawn Chorus Day.
Interantional Dawn Chorus Day 2022

What will you hear?

Take a listen to our soundboard and see if you can match the bird to the sounds in your garden!

Birdsong Soundboard

Join us on Sunday morning from 5am with a very special guest! We'll be live on Facebook with one of our favourite bird nerds at Dawn. So get that alarm set and immerse yourself in birdsong with us!

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