Urban Bird Feeding with The Urban Birder - David Lindo

We have teamed up with The Urban Birder - David Lindo to share how any and every garden can attract and care for wild birds, and how pleasurable and beneficial this can be to our daily lives.

Urbanisation makes it increasingly difficult for birds to find sufficient natural food, with smaller gardens often adopting hard landscaping such as decking, car parking and even artificial turf, plus more green spaces are being given over to development. The collaboration aims to offer advice and product suggestions to help people attract more birds to their gardens whatever the size.

People living in urban areas sometimes assume they do not have the space or requirements in their gardens for birdwatching or that you need to be out in rural areas to get the best experience. This is not so; birding can be just as rewarding in towns and cities and urban areas have their own character in terms of biodiversity. As well as urban gardens, urban greenspaces support many species and you will always find something wonderful to watch in playing fields, rivers, parks, football stadiums, tower blocks and even roadside verges.

It is very easy to utilise your garden to help the birds, even if you only have a small space, courtyard or just a balcony. Reliable food supplies and alternative nesting sites are essential, and wildlife in urban areas is so easy to interact with. We spend a large amount of time in urban areas in our daily lives and it is well documented that regular contact with nature has a huge benefit to our wellbeing.

Here are our tips to get you started:

  • No space is too small – everyone can do something which can make a big difference
  • If you can only put up one food, choose between fat-based foods or sunflower hearts
  • Choose quality over quantity – less is more when it comes to nutritious bird foods
  • Windows offer a great opportunity to maximise space and get closer to nature
  • Build up! A pole feeding system takes up little room but can support multiple feeders & dishes

We are excited to share David's own tips and blog articles over the coming months with expert knowledge that is second to none!

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About David

The Urban Birder

David has been an urban birder from an early age, learning about the birds in his local area. With a wealth of experience behind him, David is now a well-known writer, broadcaster, photographer and naturalist who has a passion for bird life in urban environments throughout the world - over 250 cities no less. Through his work he inspires people to re-look at their own urban areas and promotes the appreciation and conservation of the birds that share our towns and cities.

"Engaging city folk with the natural environment that surrounds them through the medium of birds is my passion and, is indeed, the main vocation in my life. One of the best ways to connect people with nature is through feeding the birds in our gardens. However, not enough is said about feeding birds in our towns and cities as 81% of us live in urban areas. That's a lot of bird life that we could be supporting this winter! That is why I am delighted to have joined forces with CJ Wildlife. I have long admired them for their professionalism and provision of superb quality foods and feeding apparatus. I hope that together we can get the nation feeding the birds even in the heart of our concrete jungles!"      David Lindo - aka The Urban Birder

For more information on David’s work, his books and other birding activities, visit www.theurbanbirderworld.com

CJ's has a whole range of products that are suitable for use in urban gardens, so for ideas and suggestions of what to offer your urban garden birds, click here