National Trust Garden Wildlife Range

National Trust Garden Wildlife Range

We have joined forces with Europe's largest conservation charity, the National Trust, in a new collaboration created 'for the love of nature', and we are delighted to present a licensed range of high-quality products to help customers care for the wildlife visiting their gardens. This is an exclusive collection comprising of bird and wildlife foods, bird feeders, nest boxes; accessories, mammal and insect habitats and educational charts.

These items have been selected based on several key criteria including: suitability, material quality, attractive design and sustainability - all essential to benefit wildlife long term. Products in this range will be rolled out gradually throughout 2020 so keep checking back with us to find out what's new.

Purchases made over the course of the agreement contribute to National Trust conservation projects and directly benefit wildlife. Customers are therefore supporting both the wildlife in their garden and the work carried out by National Trust to care for historic places, countryside and coastline, and the wildlife that lives there.

We are adding more lines to the range throughout Autumn, so keep checking back, or sign up to our mailing list here.

To read more about our collaboration click here

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  1. Organic Nesting Wool
    £1.49 As low as £1.29
  2. Elba Insect Tower
  3. Medium Green Defender Peanut Feeder
  4. National Trust Ultimate Fat Balls 30 Pack
  5. Insect Peanut Cake Tube (1 Litre)
    £5.50 As low as £4.00
  6. Queens Bird Table
  7. Peanut Butter for Birds - with Mealworms
    £2.49 As low as £1.49
  8. Conqueror 8 port Seed Feeder
  9. Peanut Cake Tube with Insects (500ml)
    £3.50 As low as £2.50
  10. Green Defender 6 port Seed Feeder
  11. Peanut Cake Tube with Seeds (500ml)
    £3.50 As low as £2.50
  12. Green Defender 4 port Seed Feeder
  13. Peanut Cake Square with Insects
    £2.70 As low as £1.75
  14. Fat Ball & Suet Feeder Guardian
  15. National Trust Squirrel Blend 1.5ltr
  16. Duck and Swan Sprinkle Food

    from £3.99

  17. Vierno Diner
  18. National Trust Waterford Peanut Butter Feeder
  19. Green Defender 2 port Seed Feeder
  20. Peanut Cake Square Gourmet Robin
    £2.70 As low as £1.75
  21. National Trust Ultimate Fat Balls 6 Pack
    £2.49 As low as £1.99
  22. Build Your Own 32mm Nest Box
  23. Original Coconut Whole
    £3.40 £4.25 As low as £2.99
  24. National Trust Apollo 2 Port Seed Feeder
  25. The Crete Window Feeding House
  26. National Trust Apollo Peanut Feeder
  27. Peanut Cake Tube Gourmet Robin (500ml)
    £3.50 As low as £2.50
  28. National Trust Arundel Bat Box
  29. National Trust Vail Larch 32mm Nest Box
  30. Dublin Peanut Butter Feeder
  31. National Trust WoodStone 32mm Nest Box Green
  32. Peanut Butter for Birds - Original
    £2.49 As low as £1.99
  33. National Trust Hi-Energy No Mess

    from £7.99

  34. National Trust Hexagon Insect House
  35. National Trust WoodStone 28mm Nest Box Green
  36. Small Green Defender Peanut Feeder