CJ Wildlife Premium Kibbled Peanuts

SKU: G21005-21010-21013
CJ Wildlife Premium Kibbled Peanuts
SKU: G21005-21010-21013
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Kibbled Peanuts are a nutritious snack for a variety of wildlife and are the closest food to a bird's natural diet. They are also a particular favourite of hedgehogs!

CJ 's peanuts are of the highest quality, purchased from above human food stocks to ensure that there are nil detectable signs of aflatoxin, (produced by a mould that can develop on peanuts grown, harvested, transported or stored in excessively hot and humid conditions). Even in very small quantities aflatoxin can be extremely harmful, so we take every care to ensure that the peanuts in this range are of the highest quality.

My birds do not like whole peanuts, I put a cupful of kibbles peanuts into their seed mix and the robins and great tits seem to enjoy this. Just a treat. Carol from London, via Reevoo

This food is available in a number of pack sizes - look out for the best value bulk buys!

Please note: as the protective coating of the peanuts is removed in the preparation process you should feed sparingly to ensure freshness.

Calories (per 100g)
Suitable Feeding Methods
Feeder Houses, Bird Tables, Ground Feeding